Introducing.. Nicole Musoni
The Rwandan/Montreal-based singer is about to bring a new light on Canada.

Singer-songwriter Nicole Musoni, who wears her last name with pride, has a natural inclination for music coming from her father’s side of the tree. The eldest daughter of popular Rwandan artist Évariste Musoni was barely 2 years old when she set foot on stage for the first time; she accompanied her father to the mythic Odéon Palace auditorium in Bujumbura, capital of Burundi. Father, mother and child settled in Canada 28 years ago. However, she remains a young lady with roots deeply embedded in East African soil, and she strongly believes that the stage has been calling her name ever since that very first experience.

Drawing influence from the likes of Celine Dion, Erykah Badu, Lara Fabian, Jill Scott and more, the Montreal native is like no other. With east African roots, the singer remains true to her identity, whilst also developing an online buzz with the modern day,
progressive, internet audience, through gaining support from the likes of Afropunk, DJ Booth, OkayAfrica, Viper Magazine and more. In addition, Nicole has the ability to not only sing in English, but also in French.

Her style is authentic, soothing and honest. As early as 2013, Nicole performed at Rwanda's biggest music festival, KIGALI
UP. She often performs with the same team, and is inspired by her experience on stage and the feeling she gets when she looks back and relishes the final product. This element of performance will undoubtedly be present in her upcoming EP, which will feature the lead single "Die With Me", with production from none other than KAYTRANADA. With a loyal fan base, a growing online support from some of the world's most influential music blogs and a solid team in place, 2016 is set for Nicole to break out as one of Canada's most promising new music artists. 

Chasin' Dreams Chapitre Deux

by Nicole Musoni